Live Music Acoustic Harvest

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The first performance of this show was in East Grinstead in October 2008. It was called ‘An Acoustic Mini Festival’ The show contained a wide variety of interesting acoustic performers.

The wonderful Wendy Arrowsmith, helped by her husband Paul on a couple of songs, provided roots into the Traditional Folk Music world. ‘She Moved Through the Fair‘, ‘The Tay Boat Song’ and some of her own wonderful compositions ‘The Visitor’ and ‘The Ribbon’.

Dave Press and Deborah Jones. Dave plays a great Blues Guitar and writes a crackling narrative song and he has his own relaxed but chaotic, style. Deborah Jones joined his with some of her own compositions, bringing a Country Rock feeling to the proceedings.

Almond Greenway was joined by De Mendel on Guitar and Lukas Winkler on Piano , Lukas and Del did their own solo spots as well, to produce a smooth Folk Pop sound reminiscent of Simon and Garfunkel but free standing on the strong legs of Almond’s own writings.

Garry Jackson warmed the heart with is simple, easy style, with narrative lyrics which tug the heart strings.

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Circulus, Michael Tyack and William Summers, came with the breeze from the decks on an Elizabethan ship. Dressed in interesting clothing and playing various Crumhorn’s, Citterns and other delights from the 16th century. Their magical performance gave this concert an extraordinary depth of musical quality.

Marianne Segal was accompanied by both Circulus and Michael Saunders, a fabulous violinist, who also plays a mean ‘Chair’. Not only has Marianne the ability to write songs to set you on fire she has a voice which Angels would love to hear. The final song from her is ‘Root People’ which is an extravaganza of fun and delight for the ears and the eyes.

The Acoustic Harvest is a ‘Package Show’ which you can hire for your venue or event. We also stage this event ourselves and we are often on the look out for interesting venues.

This show is an ideal tool for businesses wishing to sponsor events for the power that kind of advertising provides. We are happy to organise and make all the arrangements for a tour in your country. Your business pays us for all the expenses and fees involved. We set up the venues and ensure that the shows are staged. Your business advertises and sells the tickets keeping 100% of the ticket sales. This kind of arrangement can be extremely profitable, and can turn into a ‘free’ or a ‘money producing’ advertising campaign once the ticket are all sold.

We are also happy to perform these shows at Corporate events.