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The world is made of stories imagined and then told by people. People, over the past seventy thousand years, have grouped themselves into cultures. Cultures are groups who share stories of their collective past, present and future using that which creates all, imagination. One such group of people has been thriving, together, for more than a thousand years. They live on the northern part of an island to the west of the land mass of Europe and other smaller islands around it's coast. Some of these people were born on this area of land, others came to it, settled and integrated bringing with them additional qualities which have sometimes become apart of the culture.

In the early part of the twenty first century a neighbouring culture, to the south, have made some political decisions which are likely to cause much damage to those in the north. Some of those in the north find great comfort in the ties they have with their southern neighbours others in the north consider those from the south to be a drain on resources and an unwelcome domineering force which is harmful to the north.

Referendums were held to settle issues, but the majorities were small and have left many dissatisfied. In one of the Referendums those in the south gave a majority to an idea which actually disturbs that which has kept the peace for the past seventy years. Those in the south continue to press the destruction button and refuse to allow any interference in their secret, or may be non existant plans.

Any one trying to work out what their plan may be is on an hiding to fustration. The government of the south are cutting ties to a huge, and rich, market place of over five hundred and ten million people. Their aim may be to replace this established market with a new market/s cobbled together from other cultures who reside in lands far away over seas. Many who are experienced in negotiating trade deals say that it will take many years to reach agreements and many of those agreements may deal with goods of a quality and standard which may not be as high as the standards currently enjoyed. There will need to be many agreements with many cultures simply to make up the numbers.

Some in the north want to keep the current order between north and south. Some want to break the ties and move to self determination. Some, like their southern counter parts, want to break from the huge market place. It has to be said that not all those in the south want to break with the huge market place.

Some in the north say that the number of people in the north is too small and that the ties with the south are too valuable. Others say that the north has a unique culture which is vibrant and strong and capable of thriving as an independent nation. They are using their imaginations to design a new future in which there will be greater posterity for all.

Below, and throughout, this web site are many stories of the culture from the north it's wonderful heroes of the past and present. A secret which not all have understood is that things imagined become actual things. Nothing made by people was not imagined first.

Use the stories of the past and the present and imagine the stories of the future.

In 1744 two Presbyterian clergymen Alexander Webster and Robert Wallace began a fund to help the widows of Presbyterian Clergy Men. Today this fund has about one hundred billion pounds worth of assets.

Scots provided insurance to the world.

Scottish Widows.



In 1928 Alexander Flemming found Benzylpenicillin (Penicillin G). In 1945 he shared a Nobel Prize with Howard Florey and Ernst Boris Chain. They had the beginnings of antibiotics which we all rely upon today.

So it was the Scots who gave antibiotics to the world.



In 1457 James II banned of the game of golf as it was a distraction to those learning archery. In 1502 James IV lifted that ban when he became a golfer. There has been a Links at St. Andrews since before 1574

So it was the Scots who gave the modern game of golf to the world.


James II

James IV

In 1947 The Edinburgh Festival began. It is now probably the largest such festival in the world.

So it is the Scots who host the biggest arts festival in the world.

The Edinburgh Festival.


In 1776 Adam Smith published 'An Inquiry into the Nature and Causes of the Wealth of Nations' The first book of modern Economics.

So it was the Scots who gave modern economics to the world.

The Study of the allocation of man's scarce recourses.


In 1847 Sir James Young Simpson, became the first person to demonstrate the properties of chloroform upon humans making it possible for people to be put to sleep for surgery.

So it was the Scots who gave anaesthetics to the world.



In a time between 1550 and 1617 John Napier of Merchiston discovered Logarithms. He invented "Napier's bones", an abacus to calculate products and quotients of numbers and made the use of the decimal point common in arithmetic and mathematics.

So it was the Scots who gave Logarithms to the world.

The point in sums.


In 1970 Ali Ahmed Aslam took a can of Scottish Campbell’s tomato soup, sprinkled on some Masala (Hindi for spices) and mixed in some yoghurt to to make 'Tikka Masala'.

Editors Note: When I added this item I never expected that someone from New Zealand would see it and write to me... Well they did so if you would like a great Chicken Marsala Recipe click here to find it on Jen Reviews Web Site....

One part of gaining true Scottish Independence is to enlist the support of other countries, support Jen and may be some good New Zealanders will support us.

Jen Reviews

Jen Reviews and Eccose are in no way related neither website is responsible for the content of the other

So it was the Scots who gave this twist to Indian cuisine.

Kitchen History.


Tikka Masala

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